Most who sell junkers to car buyers operating as junkyards go through with the sale, claim their cash payment, and walk away happy to have a junk car off of their hands, plus some more cash in their pocket.

However, what if you want to terminate the sale, say, to sell to a private separate, who has offered you more money for your old-fashioned wreck in the meantime? What are your alternatives? Let’s look at each stage of selling a junker to a car buyer to find out.

Free Price Quote

Step one is getting a free price quote from a potential buyer – focus on “perspective”. The buyer just extends a price offer, and you have no compulsion to accept. But let’s say you do receive, and progress to step two: Approving the price.

Agreeing to Price

If you agree to the price estimate, you basically have a “gentlemen’s agreement”. You receive the junkyard’s offer, and it schedules a tow truck to come to your place to claim the junker, but nothing is in writing. You can call the junk car yard near me, tell them not to send the truck, and they won’t.

Tow Truck Arrives

When the haul truck arrives, the operator will probably look your car over for a few minutes, and then make you a cash offer. It would be inopportune for the junkyard (they’re spending time and money to offer free hauling), but you can cancel if you select.

Ownership Transfer

Once you present a genuine document of ownership for the car, then transfer ownership to the car buyer in Hallandale, you have sealed the deal. You no longer own the car; the junkyard does. If you ask to buy back the car, whether to sell it is at the junkyard’s discretion.